Wednesday, 21 January 2009

New Year, New Me

I was in a cab this morning and the driver said "Have a good Christmas?" and it took me a while to think about it. Christmas is a mere memory now we are back at school, work etc etc. We did have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I don't usually do Resolutions but the new year seems like a good time to turn over a new leaf, put stuff behind you and start afresh. So my NYR's are:

1. Drink more water
2. Say No more!
3. Do more exercise
4. Eat better
5. Keep a journal
6. Cut down on TV/Computer

I am doing quite well so far. I have lost 3lbs, sleeping better (although last few nights have been dodgy due to hubby being away on business) and today I bought a gorgeous leather journal from Paperchase in Tottenham Court Road. Thought I'd died and gone to Stationery heaven! Suffice to say that wasn't the only thing that went into my basket. Although I managed to leave without buying a heart shaped mixing bowl, measuring cups and baking tray because R would say "Haven't you got enough heart shaped stuff!"

I did quite a bit of walking today, more than I would have had I gone the right way in the first place. I walked to Oxford Street from Tottenham Court Road before realising that I should have turned left instead of right - d'oh! I was on my way to Heal's to have a look at a sideboard for our new dining room/family room. When I entered the shop I turned left again instead of right and ended up in Habitat. What a fool! I got there in the end, managing to avert my eyes at the rows upon rows of Molton Brown, Orla Kiely towels, bed linen and handbags. Have ordered the sideboard (it had 70% off) and am now awaiting it's arrival. I then walked back to Oxford Street thinking I'd pop into my favourite shop (John Lewis) but by that time I'd been accosted by various charities asking me for several donations/sponsoring a Granny so I headed down to the tube, jumping on whatever train came in and fell asleep. I did wake at Wanstead in a blind panic but thankfully it was a loop train so I got off and walked straight into JBF . After nosing around in there for 5 minutes, I headed home to listen to the radio and do a bit of knitting.

My Christmas Present from R....

and he asks me if I have enough heart shaped stuff! NO is the answer to that!

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Garden Girl said...

I would like to steal all of your resolutions. I too bought a fabulous Paperchase journal but haven't had much inspiration so far as to what to actually write in it. I feel like I should be coming up with deep meaningful ancedotes for my grandchildren to read with interest, rather than just 'Went to work. Baked cakes. Came home. Knackered. Again. Yawn' Needless to say, so far the journal remains empty. Such a waste!