Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Holidays, and back to earth with a bump

Ugh, school has started. I keep thinking "this time last week we were....."


We had a wonderful week in Kent, with the beach at the end of our shingle road, a row of beach huts, a tea room, paper shop and a pub. What more did we need! We swam in the sea every day and slept soundly each night. It seemed very very dark without streetlights, and so peaceful. It was fantastic to sit outside and look up at the full moon.

Still, the week had to end and suddenly I was doing last-minute label sewing, buying forgotten school equipment (and then finding it after I'd bought a second lot) and catching up on household chores. H&C went back to school with no problems (although C has cried a little!). I miss them, but I don't miss running after them constantly tidying and re-tidying!

C has moved up another class, but she told me last night that she preferred being in the nursery, but wanted to be able to wear her dress. Isn't it hard telling your children that although they don't like doing something, they kinda have to? I remember when H started at his new school, he HATED it, and me. But we made the right decision, he just wouldn't be persuaded at the time (he is stubborn like his mother!) Now he absolutely loves it, he couldn't wait to get back and see his friends.
I'm sure C will get to that stage eventually (I hope!). Until then, bribery of "Bravery Awards" (a pink Stephanie from Lazytown Wig and Dress) and chocolate fish from Waitrose seem to be keeping the tears at bay. I haven't forgotten H, he was awarded a Kindness award at school this week, for not only being kind to his friends, but for checking up on his sister every break time - a much longed-for Batman game for his Leapster is on its way. They will come down from earth with a bump next week when homework starts and it's carrot sticks and fruit on the way home!!