Monday, 17 November 2008

It's been a while (again)....

Time flies when you're having fun. Or even if you're not having fun, time still flies! That's not to stay I'm not having fun.....I'll stop there I think!
It's been ages since I have updated my blog but I have been extremely busy working and making cakes, brioche, scones etc etc for the coffee shop (if I see one more lemon drizzle cake I may scream). Haven't had much chance to sew, started my jelly roll quilt and am currently trying to catch up with Miss Moss Stitch who is sewing like a madwoman for our Wonky Bunting stall at the school's Bring & Buy school on Wednesday. Nothing like a bit of pressure, I sat yesterday making little fabric wreaths and hearts. I also have a craft day on Saturday and need to make things for that too.
Why does time fly so quickly? I need a pause button! (or I need to learn to say No!)


lou said...

Good luck with the wonky bunting stall! xxx

Garden Girl said...

Oh my, I know EXACTLY what you mean about the lemon drizzle...whoever thought we would be sick of the sight of cake???!!

Petra said...

Hello Sharon,

I hope that everything is alright at your place. Could you please contact me about our Holliday Tradition Swap. I have mailed you three times after I received your first mail but I first mail but I have not received any answers back. We have to mail our parcels soon.
Take care, hope to hear from you soon.