Monday, 25 February 2008


We had a wonderful weekend away, although it didn't get off to a good start. R had the day off on Friday but I still had a few hours at work to do so he drove me to work. We were less than a minute away from work when a woman lost concentration at a junction and smashed into the side of our car! Fortunately, nobody was hurt, and the poor woman admitted liability (I say poor, because I felt so sorry for her, she was in floods of tears). Anyway it's all going through now and thankfully we are fine. I was really sore on Friday and R is getting over a stiff neck etc but getting better.

Anyway we could still drive the car so made our way to Newmarket after work, and after a quick coffee with R's sister and an even quicker shifty at a funky kitchen design place on the way!

We were shown our room, which was gorgeous. We settled in, made a cuppa and decided to lounge around for a few hours and watch a DVD.....unfortunately (or fortunately for us!) the DVD didn't work, and there were no more Junior Suites available. So they upgraded us.....

As R stated "Blimey, it's bigger than our house!" (the room we stayed in is featured on the website, squashy yellow sofa and nice double-basined bathroom with plenty of Molton Brown which was replenished on the second day)

As the room was so gorgeous, we decided to opt for Room Service, and enjoyed The Bourne Ultimatum in luxury. I didn't fall asleep either!

Breakfast was in The Orangery.....poached eggs and bacon, followed by Croissants and Coffee. Well, we were going for a marathon shop!

Five hours later and we were all shopped out and ready for a swim. We then relaxed further by reading the paper and our books, while sipping Bollinger and dozing before going down for dinner (albeit a bit unsteadily after all the Champagne on an empty stomach).

The next morning we awoke at ten to nine....unheard of in our household! A sign of true relaxation!

When we were reunited with the children, and my parents went home, we decided to go for a walk. In true List Writer style, this is a picture of my new walking boots.

I can't wait until next February.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Been a While.....

Wow, I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted!

Life has been pretty hectic at Chez PinkieCupcake. The builders are here, scaffolding is up, neighbours are difficult, the kettle is in overdrive, the kids have had half-term and there is a fine layer of dust everywhere. Apart from that, life is gooooood.

I have been suffering from a severe sewing withdrawal. I haven't done anything crafty for a month. Have done a bit of cooking though (including 2 ginger cakes for work!) but not enough time has been spent at the sewing machine as far as I'm concerned!

C has become increasingly interested in baking, so we've done a fair bit over half term. H did get involved too, but didn't want to pose for the camera!

H was more intent on sitting on the sofa, covered in a blanket (takes after his mother) and reading. He read loads! Mr Gum books, Sir Gadabout and Captain Underpants......we also took a trip to the library where he leafed through a few Horrid Henry books to check them out.
R and I are really looking forward to a weekend away. We go every year for a couple of nights without the children. No real occasion, which makes it even better. We also go for a mammoth shopping expedition which is great because we hardly ever go shopping together, and it's great not to have any small people hanging off your arms saying "Can we go NOW....." I'm looking forward to going to John Lewis and drooling over some new Emma Bridgewater pottery....I'm easy to please!

Oh, and the opportunity to enjoy some uninterrupted reading.....bliss. Mind you, I say all this now, but I shall be sitting there saying "Shall we ring the kids....I wonder what they're up to!!"