Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I started this quilt at the end of last year, then promptly got so busy at work that it never came back out of the bag! After a few weeks off sick with Pleurisy, I didn't have the energy or inclination to do any sewing (or anything at all) so I took it along to Cornwall (where I seem to have the most creative energy) and started measuring, cutting and sewing.

I've just spent an hour half-watching BBC iPlayer (Tom Cruise on Jonathan Ross!) and started pinning it all together. I am really not sure whether I've made the right choice of fabric and I find all the pinning intensely boring. I was going to do a few small projects like The List Writer (I have some Moleskine cahiers which I planned to do before Christmas, and a few little bags for C's friends), but if I don't start putting this quilt together, the bedroom it's going in will be finished and it'll still be in bits!
I should've changed before I started because my lovely black trousers are now covered in thread!

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