Friday, 10 April 2009

Blogging and Sewing

I hadn't (until a week ago) been doing much of either. Now I have a sewing room/study it was only time that was preventing me from getting down to writing a blog and sitting and sewing something. (Note it's a sewing room before it's a study! Well, to me it is).

This week I have:

Started to put my quilt together.

Made a strawberry cushion for a girl who loves strawberries.

Made a knitting bag using Cath Kidston's Strawberries fabric for a friend (forgot to take a picture before I gave it to her!)

Made a strawberry pin cushion to go with the looks nice and cosy with my other pin cushions so I think I'll be making another one for me!

Made a belated Mother's Day present for my lovely mum. (I finished at 1 O'c this was going so well I HAD to finish it).

Made some delicious bagels.

So I had to write a blog to complete my list of things to do in this room!

The next thing will be tidying the floor....pins, thread and scraps of fabric all over the place.....