Monday, 26 May 2008

Happiness and Hearts

This weekend has been one of those times when you are thoroughly exhausted but for all the right reasons.
We escaped from the builders who were putting in new windows at the back of the house, and told the children we were off on an adventure. After singing our way through both soundtracks from High School Musical and High School Musical 2, plus various other songs - we arrived from our arduous 2.1/2 hour journey that should've taken 45 minutes at Legoland! I thought H was going to faint in the car as he only twigged where we were when he saw the large piece of Lego outside the entrance. I wish I'd had my camera for the open mouths and squeals of delight.

Saturday was a glorious day.

Sunday was not-so-glorious weather wise, but we still managed to have fun. I'm so glad I packed my Cath Kidston Poncho! H still managed to go on the Bungee Trampoline....

C went on as well, but I couldn't catch her on film. She was up....she was down and all the photographs I took either have the top of her head or her toes!!

Of course we had to have a trip to the shop, and now we have a whole box of PINK lego.

After a relaxing swim at the hotel this morning, we headed home in the horrendous rain. I found two new hearts waiting for me to add to my collection.

This wooden heart is sumptuously smooth. It is bigger than the palm of my hand but I just love turning it over and over in my hands. It will go in our bedroom when it's finished.

The end of the weekend is near, but at least I have new windows to keep out the rain...and a lovely set of new french doors ('scuse the mess!!!)

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Tea and Cake

This morning, before taking C to school, and before going to work...I made a cake.

I woke at 5:30am because a small person had crept into our bed (H is away on a school trip and C is missing him!) I couldn't sleep after that so decided to bake! I found my 20cm tin in the cupboard (I thought I'd put them all into storage).
It went down very nicely with a cup of tea at work today!
Coffee shop STILL has no name!

Friday, 9 May 2008

No Title, No Inspiration!

It's been a long time since I last "blogged". I have been sorely lacking in the inspiration department, I think the house extension/renovation has sapped it out of me. I'm bone dry I tell you!

I can't seem to concentrate when the builders are here, so I flit. I don't sit still long enough to do anything constructive. Well actually that's slightly untrue as I have been reading....a lot. I usually leave half an hour to an hour before I have to pick the children up and sit outside the school reading. It has also been particularly favourable that the ticket machine is out of order so I can be one of those annoying parents who park RIGHT NEXT to the school. It's been a joy!

H is going away for a week with the school next week. He's not even 8 yet....I think we will all be bereft without him (he's happy to go as he has £40 pocket money!!). C will be lonely at night (they have been sharing a room for 5/6 weeks) and love going to sleep listening to Matilda or Giraffe, The Pelly and Me. Mind you, she'll be happy not to have to sleep on the Sleepover Bed and she'll get to play with all his toys. She will get to watch the "Making of...." parts of High School Musical 1 & 2 (the script of which she knows verbatim, together with the soundtrack). I can't believe we are so late to the party - everyone I know now rolls their eyes at the mention of HSM. We are still in the honeymoon stage!

So back to H. The List Writer would be proud as we have several lists from the school. Lists of clothes, telephone numbers, itineraries and the list of Dos and Donts.

"No bad behaviour will be tolerated"
"No Chocolate or sweets"
"Don't forget suncream and a sticky address label" (just remembered I have to sort that one out!
"All clothing must be labelled" (more like, get a black marker pen and put "H" in everything. I just know he will come home minus pants and socks as they are usually slung off at the end of the day! At least if I find an imposter pair of pants in Henry's luggage, they will either be F's or T's!

Better disappear as H is due home from his Violin lesson (something else that has happened while I've been away from Blogsville). I will update you on that another time.