Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Quite frankly I know where I'd rather be.....

...not here that's for sure!
Whilst I am dealing with this....

My two small people are living it up on holiday with "The Nana" and "Grand-dand" and have been very busy indeed. Introducing Daisy, Henri(etta), Charlotte, Ruby and P-Eggy

R has said that when all our building work has finished, we should get hens! My flabber is truly gasted as this comes from a man who reluctantly agreed we could get a rabbit, or a cat but draws the line at a dog, yet enthusiastically wants chickens. I'm not going to argue with him though. We might go for a pink Eglu...I'm getting very egg-cited (sorry, I couldn't resist that, it just came out).

Still haven't made anything, although I have cut out C's nightdress which I'm hoping to put together tonight. I also went to IKEA this morning and bought some funky fabric for 2 tablecloths.
I could have bought so much more but don't really have anywhere to store it! Plus my other fabric from Etsy arrived yesterday and R thinks we're being taken over!
I'm going to refill my hot water bottle in a minute. There's no point having the heating on as there's a giant hole in the wall and the front door is permanently open. It will be lovely when it's finished, it will be lovely when it's finished....(repeat to fade)...


Garden girl said...

Never fear, my dear, it WILL be lovely when it's finished! Lovely fabric, yet again I wish I could sew. Sigh. But I would also be quite keen to invest in a pink eglu! Have you checked out The List Writer? She has a very funky green one. Hope your evening gets warmer!x

Dragonfly said...

Yes, yes, yes - get some chickens! They are so easy and the joy of collecting eggs doesn't wane! I'm pleased to see another purple eglu/cube too!
How exciting to have a crane at your house!

me said...

I know just how you feel having gone through the same! Extensions in winter are no joy!
If you get hens - my campaign will be stronger! Not sure how Moo or Ollie will cope - well I know Moo will think it's fantastic!

Vintage Amethyst said...

I found your blog over on Anna's from 'all things lovely' and thought I would take a peek!
I love that fabric from Ikea, I love all the fabrics from there and they are sooooo cheap too!
Alison x