Friday, 7 March 2008

Cupcakes and Aprons

It's been a funny ole week. C was 4 on Tuesday but that seems like a week ago already. Still, building is progressing. I now have a door on my new utility room and the roof is going on next week. Am praying there won't be a gale over the weekend as, although we're not exposed to the elements, I don't want us to lift off (or our scaffolding to start shaking!).

As time draws nearer to the opening of the coffee shop, we (that's me and friends from work) started talking about names. I was actually supposed to be doing something else but came across a site which had quite a few suggestions for a coffee shop which will be inside a church. A few were good, and most of them made me chuckle....The Bean'ry, Let there be Latte (I nearly spilled my latte reading that one!), Jehovah Java, Son-light Cafe, Cup O'Joy, Beanier than thou, Holy Grounds, Higher Grounds, Blessed Beans and my favourite...Fire Escape!!! Gill came up with Cafe on the Hill, as our strapline is "A City on a Hill cannot be hidden". However, we aren't actually on a hill and I can already imagine the endless stream of people saying "But you aren't on a hill". Everyone liked it though and it might make the short list!. Another idea was "Divine" but Gill pointed out that's a name of a drag act, and also the very nice chocolate! So...we are still nameless.

So as I couldn't think of a name, I started looking at the more fun things, like fabric for aprons, coffee machines and cakes. I can't do any cooking at the moment as all my cake tins are in storage! However, I could look at, and buy some fabric for my Emmeline Apron. I was only supposed to be looking, as I can't even make them as my sewing machine is away at the moment! But...I fell in love with them, and suddenly Paypal were emailing me with a receipt. Funny how that happened.

The dark brown one with the dots reminds me of chocolate cupcakes with lots of sprinkles over them, and the other ones just coordinate so well!

I actually have a fat quarter of the paisley pink, and didn't even realise it was Amy Butler. Best keep that to myself and not tell R :-)

I have also been asked to make two bridesmaids dresses in pale pink silk with hot pink sashes. One is for C, and the other is for another little girl, E. My sister-in-law is getting married in September and I will be making a toile out of calico at some point, which I will show you. It's all very exciting. I am doing the flowers as well so I may as well just stop sleeping now!


Garden girl said...

Beautiful bridesmaid dresses! And lovely shiny new coffee machines too...when are you planning to sleep, exactly?! Glad you are having lots of fun setting up shop though- shall pray for calm weather over the next few days for you (hate to say it, but have you checked out the wather forecast for next week? eek) xx

The List Writer said...

Aaargh - I bought those same fabrics too (top photo) and I have the Emmeline apron pattern calling to me as well.

I love the hair dos on that bridesmaid dress pattern!

me said...

Ooh, C. has got to have the hairdo as well! I'm sure you can fit that in too on the day!!

twiggypeasticks said...

Oh lovely blog, I'm left handed too and in the process of learning to crochet and my advice would be ask someone to show you, I tried following the books and nearly tore my hair out - lol
Twiggy x