Thursday, 9 August 2007

The Joy of School Holidays....

I love having the kids around. OK, so they may bicker, make lots of mess and wear me out to the point of exhaustion, but I love having them around! On Monday we spent practically all day in the garden, laying under the tree, reading, playing football, making camps and generally lazing about.

On Tuesday we went to the cinema to see Evan Almighty (very good). Yesterday we went to a garden centre to buy plants for one of our borders and spent the afternoon planting. I'd forgotten how relaxing being in the garden can be. Now all I have to do is buy some slug pelletts so the buggers don't eat everything. I'm sure my neighbour slings them over the fence as we've had them in epidemic proportions this year!

Today we were at the park and the kids didn't stop running, cycling and playing for 5 solid hours. Needless to say they were in bed and asleep by 7 o'clock! Days are flying by and soon they will be back at school (groan). The school run isn't a favourite pastime, and we'll have to get used to getting dressed before midday and not making chocolate brownies in our jammies.
We still have lots of other activities planned - painting, more baking, a visit to Kew Gardens, a PYO farm, Thames Barrier Park (shame about the fountains though!) and then it'll be off to the coast for another week. Lovely.
Oh, and I'm swimming the channel! Not literally, but 1760 lengths of my local pool in order to raise money for ASPIRE. That should get me fit.
Happy Days.

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