Wednesday, 1 August 2007

A Driftwood Heart....

This is my latest acquisition, a heart made entirely out of driftwood from the Cornish coast. Combining my two favourite items, I spied it in a shop and R rolled his eyes and laughed, knowing I had to have it! I said he could buy it for my birthday, but my parents bought it instead. R seemed to think I had enough driftwood to make one of my own, but it would take me another year to collect enough - and I can't wait that long.

I love it, and even though R and my Dad were silent when I asked "Isn't it beautiful" I think it is. They just have no taste!!

It's in the family room on the wall at the moment, but once THE extension is done, it will go in our room.

Not just driftwood floating on the water now.....

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