Monday, 11 April 2011

Linköping, Sweden

Here are just two pics from my visit. I have loads more! The first was the view from my bedroom window on the Friday morning - everyone said it was going to snow, but I didn't think it was going to snow that much. My jaw hit the floor when I opened the blind. We had to walk to the church we were working in and it was soooo thick, so quiet and so beautiful.
We went for a long lunchtime walk the following day and I was amazed that all the pathways and roads had been cleared. Impressive! Naturally we walked past a gorgeous craft shop but in my haste I had left my purse back at the church....that was probably a blessing!

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swedishouse said...


Yep! That's definitely Sweeeeden!
Lots of snow & quickly cleared...runs like clockwork, impressive isn't it?
Thank you for your lovely comment on Swedish House ;-) And now I have found you too!
Do you have family in Sweden?
I notice you are from Essex TOO!
Small world...the last stop at the end of the district line...well that's where I moved from to the wilderness in Sweden lol!
Have a Blessed Easter