Friday, 12 September 2008

They're Here.....

I know that title comes from a film (answers on a postcard as to what film, as the name escapes me at the mo!).

(From left to right) Frankie, Jamie and Tilly arrived yesterday.

They are settling in well and even put themselves to bed last night. I kept ringing my mum up and asking her all sorts of daft questions, and when they were all "in bed" I went to shut the door and they made a little sound. I found myself apologising for shutting the door and waking up early wondering if they were OK - it's like having babies all over again! This morning, H shot out of bed at 6:15am when I whispered "Who wants to help me....." and he said "ME ME ME!"

Frankie (who "belongs" to C) was the last one out of the Eglu this morning, so she is definitely like her owner as C is always the last one up in the house. H said that Tilly is like me, in that she's bossy! Well I said, "I'm the mummy, and I'm in charge!" To which C whispered "No you're not, I'm in charge actually" and then rolled over in bed, pushed her thumb back in and closed her eyes. I left her there for another half an hour! (I pick my battles carefully!).

The coffee shop has been open for 2 weeks and all I can say feet are killing me and I sleep really well every night. I've had to make so many Brioche loaves that I now know the recipe off by heart. People love the variety of cakes on offer, and this week I added to the "collection" by making Nigella's Breakfast Bars. With a slight tweak (no peanuts and 25g less Oats), they went like hot cakes, even though they aren't technically a cake!

It seems the local Bobby is partial to The List Writer's Tea Loaf and a cup of builder's tea and we have had several repeat customers who all seem to love that we remember them, how they like their tea or coffee and sometimes if they have given us a recipe or suggested a certain cake, when they come in again - we have made it! (Not sure whether that was a good thing or not!!!!) Anyway Friday's are cream tea days and today was our busiest day yet, so I was rather pleased when a friend had to postpone a play date, because I can hardly type, let alone speak. The children are out playing with the chooks, so I'm going to make myself a nice cup of Assam tea and put my feet up for a while!


Rachel said...

Lovely chickens! My brother got some recently and I am very jealous! And the film, I think it might have been Poltergeist?

Garden Girl said...

How funny- I made tea loaf this week as well and it's flown out! so easy to make as well!
I MUST sort some recipes out for you...after I've slept!
Very cute chooks- I assume you'll be using their eggs for all of those cakes?!x

jen said...


driftwood said...

Ohh, look at those gorgeous chickens, lucky you! and your baking looks fantastic, wishing all the best wishes with your cafe, I'm sure those cakes will sell really well. x