Saturday, 24 November 2007

We are what we do...

I got into a little debate the other day about the Cbeebies Song "How would you feel...." (Listen here). Anyway the person I debated with seemed to think that telling children about the effects of global warming was too scary for them, and something they should be sheilded from (but on the same note, it was OK for their 3.1/2 year old to watch Harry Potter(!)...but I digress...)

I think really it's vital that children learn from a very young age the importance of "we are what we do". That doesn't mean hammering it home every five minutes, but as children learn by example it's a wonderful thing for a 7 year old to have some idea about his surroundings, how important it is to recycle, not leave the TV on standby and definitely not leave the tap running when brushing teeth!

I bought Marie Clare last month. Not because it's my usual magazine (don't worry, I passed it onto a friend!) but because of the bag. I do love bags, but I particularly liked this one as it says "Plastic aint my bag". It fits into my handbag and I now make sure that I have it with me so I can decline plastic bags whenever I'm in a shop. I don't mean to sound virtuous but it does leave me feeling pretty good that I have less plastic to recycle this week.

Another environmental 'thing' I feel passionate about is nappies. I'm rather sad that my two don't wear them anymore as I absolutely adored seeing their little bottoms in cloth, especially when I had lots which were second and third hand. I then passed them onto a friend whose little boy wears them - isn't that amazing! (well, it is to me!).

C had to take in a "named plastic bag" on Monday for her plimsolls. As one of my actions on the "We are what we do" website is to decline plastic bags...I don't have many! So I made her a bag.......and she is very pleased with it.

Oh, and my knitting has grown this week! Instead of head bobbing on the sofa whilst watching re-runs of Friends or Ugly Betty, I've been knitting. Still a way to go but I feel rather pleased with myself! :-D


Garden girl said...

I am with you on the bag recycling thing, and have been for a while. Your stripy plimsol bag is a vast improvement on the one I used to drag behind me to school! My Dad is still using our terry nappies from when we were small, mainly in the garage, and for sticking into car engines or some such activity, but it is still recycling!I nearly bought the same magazine for the same reason but had visions of some glamour puss chasing after me in tesco and demanding to see my style CV before I was allowed a copy..I bought a tesco 'bag for life' and the local paper instead!(which of course I recycled!)x

Garden girl said...

p.s- glad the knitting is going well- I bought three more balls of wool today to finish my scarf-what are you knitting?x

Pinkie Cupcake said...

I'm knitting a bag, it was the first project in my Debbie Bliss book....a year ago! (gulp). I really must get a move on!

pink-petal-designs said...

Love your bag !
Sarah x