Thursday, 11 October 2007

All Things Pinkie

I used to hate pink....until my daughter was born.

Being a redhead, I was never a pinkie kind of girl as everyone used to tell me that it clashed with my hair! As a child, my hair was the kind that all adults would fawn over and tell you they'd love to have hair like mine. As a child and teenager, I was teased because of it - believe me, there isn't any insult I haven't heard! It was thick and curly and my mum, who wasn't really into ponytails and plaits, cut it short......big mistake, huge mistake. So I wasn't dressed in pink as a child and I had short hair so was often mistaken for a boy - Ugh!

When I was pregnant I was delighted to find out I was having a girl, although I said I would never do the "pink thing" with her as I still wasn't a fan. Her bedroom was going to be a buttery yellow with white curtains with hand-embroidered daisies over them...and not a pink toy, blanket or sleepsuit in sight. In fact, when I was pregnant with H, and was told at 20 weeks it was a girl, the baby's bedroom was apple green and white! (and of course it was a good thing we didn't do a pinkie makeover then, as H was confirmed as a boy at a random scan at 32 weeks!!

When C was born, the midwife dressed her in a pale pink tiny-baby sleepsuit I had borrowed from a friend, as it was the only one that fitted her. She was swamped in the yellow sleepsuits and the other borrowed Winnie-the-Pooh sleepsuits (I was secretly pleased as I'm not a fan of Pooh either!!) When we got home, friends and family visited, gifts started arriving and everything was PINK! A whole spectrum of pink, from hot pink from Auntie Suzie, and real dusky pink dresses with frilly knickers(!) from Great-Nannies. The colour that I had not really been fond of, was everywhere and when a huge pink box arrived with a huge pink bow, pink cuddly toy, blanket, sleepsuit, socks and hat, we knew this colour was here to stay!

C is mad on pink (and who can blame her).

She calls it Pinkie and so do we, even her nursery teachers adopted the name Pinkie, hence my Blogger name, as C also loves Cupcakes.

However, when we jokingly asked the other day what colour she'd like her new bedroom (once it's been built), she replied.................PURPLE!

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